Companion Lines


Companion Lines from ASPCA

The ASPCA has provided one-page educational articles written by Jacque Lynn Schultz, a certified pet dog trainer and currently the companion animal programs advisor for ASPCA National Outreach. Illustrations are by award-winning Illustrator and Creative Director Samarra Khaja.


Canine Companion Lines

A Dirty Little Habit– behavior modification for dogs who eat feces

Bringing Up Baby – socialization for young pups

Chew on This – putting an end to canine oral destruction

Dethroning the Canine King – a leadership program for bossy dogs

Digger Dogs – channeling a dog’s urge to dig

Don’t Leave Me This Way – resolving separation anxiety problems

Equipment Matters – selecting the right training tools

For Every Canine a Castle – the benefits of crate training

Full House – living peaceably with cats and dogs

Getting Over the Hump – putting an end to canine mounting

Hello? Anybody Out There? – “home alone” barking

Information, Please! – a guide to the canine behavior professions

Keep ‘Em Working – breed-based activities for bored dogs

Mine! – resolving food aggression

Mine II– reducing object guarding

Misbehavin’ No More – simple solutions for canine behavior problems

Phresh Air Phydeaux – eliminating backyard banishment

Puppy Preparedness – readying the home for a new canine arrival

Rebels with Paws – surviving a canine’s adolescence

The Potty Wars, Part I – the three C’s of house-training your pup

The Potty Wars, Part II – trouble-shooting elimination problems

Why Bobbie Won’t Come – improving your dog’s recall


Feline Companion Lines

A Cat Is Waiting – adopting the right cat for you

Breaking the Ice – bringing home a new cat

By Tooth and Nail – resolving household destruction

Cats on the Edge – resolving feline aggression part II

Cat’s Play – safe toy selection for your feline

Claws – controlling the damage

Coming In from the Cold – transitioning an outdoor cat to indoors

Crowded House – living with more than one cat

Feline Nocturne – dealing with nighttime troublemakers

Float Like a Butterfly… – channeling predatory play aggression

Full House – living peaceably with cats and dogs

If Cats Could Only Write – resolving feline spraying

Letting the Cat Out… Or Not – a look at indoor/outdoor issues

Misbehavin’ No More – simple solutions for feline behavior problems

No More Scaredy-Cat – guidelines for optimal kitten socialization and development

Saving Serafina – feline high-rise syndrome

Tea Time – improving feline socialization

The Trouble with Cats and Plants – safeguarding plants from cats

Tom, Meet Geri – new cat introductions

Turbulent Tabbies – resolving feline aggression part I

What’s Bugging Your Crabby Tabby? – resolving feline aggression part III

When Baby Makes Four – preparing the cat for a new baby

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