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Rescuing, rehabilitating, re-uniting and re-homing the dogs & cats in need in Fluvanna County, Virginia since 1989. We proudly maintain our No-Kill mission thanks to the support of the county as well as dedicated volunteers and donors like you!




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The Fluvanna SPCA is currently open during normal business hours with some exceptions. We appreciate your understanding as we work hard to keep our staff healthy so that we can continue to provide the best care possible to the dogs and cats at the shelter.

We can also always still use volunteers to help transport animals to and from vet appointments, and interested fosters are still needed as well, so if you would like to learn more about the current needs, please call or email: (434) 591-0123 or manager@fspca.org

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We have created a specific Amazon Wishlist for the most needed items to help some of our tiniest shelter residents!

 Keep your Pets Happy and Healthy in the Summer

It’s Hot!

Protect your animals from the heat. If your dog is outside, be sure that she has shade and water. Never leave your dog or cat in the car. Temperatures rise very quickly and can kill your pet. Leaving a pet in a car in the heat is illegal in 31 states plus you run the risk of having your pet stolen. Walk your dog early in the morning or in the evening when it’s cooler. Check the temperature of the sidewalk or asphalt that you are walking on. Dogs can get painful burns on their feet. Hold your hand on the sidewalk or road for 7 seconds to be sure that it’s not too hot.

Bugs Bugs Bugs

Protect your pets from fleas, ticks and heartworm by using preventatives. Not only can fleas and ticks make your pet miserable and itchy causing skin problems, but they can carry disease. Ticks can carry a number of diseases including Lyme and ehrlichia. Heartworm is carried by mosquitoes. Left untreated, heartworm is deadly and the treatment can be very hard on your dog. There are many choices- see what your veterinarian recommends and use the products as directed.

I’m Lost!

Keep collars and identification with your phone number on your pets. Microchips are small rice sized pellets that are injected under your pets’ skin near their neck. Microchips can be scanned by shelters and veterinarians giving your name, address and phone numbers so that your dog or cat can be reunited with you. Most of the animals who come to the shelter have no identification. Only 15 % of dogs and

2 % of cats in shelters without identification are reunited with their families. If your pet is lost, contact all of the shelters near you, make postings on social media and hang flyers in your neighborhood (or wherever your pet is lost) with a picture of your pet.


Many dogs are afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks. Dogs can panic, run away and possibly get lost. Dogs can still hear fireworks and storms but minimize the impact by shutting curtains and windows, play music or the television to help drown out noise. Thundershirts are like close fitting vests that “hug” the dog which releases calming hormones and can help ease anxiety. They are available online and at your local pet supplier. Comfort your dog, he’s scared. If anxiety is severe, talk to your veterinarian about medications that can help. There are natural remedies that can help including Bach flower essences, CBD oil, Rescue Remedy, theanine, tryptophan and herbal supplements. Check with a natural pet store and your veterinarian for suggestions before giving your pet any supplements.

Amazon Wishlist

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If you are able to help, you can purchase these items from any pet store, your closest Walmart or through Amazon!

Thank you for your continued support!

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5 years ago I was racing to Fluvanna SPCA to rescue my best friend…I mean how could I not after receiving that first photo (thanks Tammy for going to sit with her so no one else could adopt her). Happy gotcha day, Fenway Sue. Best decision I’ve ever made. Forever my best girl ????

- Lauren Hensley

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