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Rescuing, rehabilitating, re-uniting and re-homing the dogs & cats in need in Fluvanna County, Virginia since 1989. We proudly maintain our No-Kill mission thanks to the support of the county as well as dedicated volunteers and donors like you!

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As we continue to be pretty full on both dogs and cats, we are always looking for ways to share their pretty faces for a better chance of finding a home. Please think of us as you are spending some down time on social media and share a sweet face! We thank you for your continued support! 

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We have created a specific Amazon Wishlist for the most needed items to help some of our tiniest shelter residents!

GoFundMe Fall 2022 campaign

The FSPCA is in desperate need of improving our lobby/office space! We would also love to add a “meet and greet” outdoor area for potential adopters to meet dogs unleashed in a safe, fenced area. Please help us reach our goals!

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The Fluvanna SPCA Board of Directors welcomes your feedback! Please use our Community Feedback Form to send your compliments or concerns directly to the Board!
Our goal is to make it easier to keep our supporters and the community updated on the happenings at the FSPCA.

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If you are able to help, you can purchase these items from any pet store, your closest Walmart or through Amazon!

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Lost Pets!

Lost Dog
The majority of dogs and cats come to the shelter as strays. Imagine how upsetting and scary it is for a cat or dog to be lost and then brought to the shelter. Even worse, your pet could be hit by a car or injured by another animal. It’s sad! What can you do?
* Walk your dog on a leash. Good for you and good for your dog.
* Fence your yard so that your dog can go out safely. If you don’t have a fence, go out with your dog to supervise him/her.
* Be sure that both your dogs and cats have collars.
* Dogs and cats should have identification tags on their collars with their name and your name, phone number and or address. Very few of the animals that come to the shelter have any identification.
* Microchip your dogs and cats. A microchip is small like a grain or rice and is inserted under your pet’s skin. When the chip is scanned at a shelter or vet office, it shows a number. The shelter can call and get the information to get your pet back to you. Be sure that the microchip company has your accurate address and phone number.
* Teach your dog or cat to come when you call them. If they come, reward them with attention and a treat.

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